Indigo Helicopter is proud to be part of many conservation efforts. Below is some examples of projects we are involved with.

Rhino Save & Protect Fund is a non-profit organization, dedicated to save and protect rhino and endangered species in Southern Africa.
Our mission is to save & protect wildlife from poaching, which is diminishing the number of rhino and endangered species. Together with your help and our partners, all working together, we can make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations.
Participate in real-life anti-poaching projects, geared to save our rhino. We are focused on the north-west of Southern African, within Madikwe Nature Reserve, a large community owned reserve and surrounding areas, all battling to combat the intense threat to our rhino.
This non-profit fund makes it possible to deploy modern technologies and methods in the fight against poaching, which is depleting our rhino and wildlife.
The success of these projects is due to highly skilled and passionate teams, each with extensive experience in their field.
These comprise of specialized game pilots, trackers, rangers and veterinarians, together with the use of forefront technology and methods. These teams work tirelessly to protect our wildlife and are entirely dependent on donations and sponsors.
Sub-Saharan Africa is facing the largest rhino poaching crisis ever experienced on our planet.
Over 350 rhinos are poached in the northern reserves in 1 year, which equates to 1, every day of the year.

Due to the costs involved in a Rhino immobilisation for this vital management operation, Pilanesberg Park Management has requested The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (PWT) to make this a project of the PWT to ensure that this function continues. The PWT in turn solicits donors to contribute to the project by sponsoring a “hands on” Rhino capture experience where guests actively take part and assist the Vet and Park crew during the operation. Excess funds are utilised for further Rhino Protection Projects through funding of training, equipment etc.

By sponsoring a Rhino immobilization, not only do you get to experience a ‘once in a lifetime’ event but you also contribute to the conservation and furthered protection of these amazing creatures.

An experienced helicopter pilot, Vet and Park management professionally carry out the Rhino notching operation. The helicopter is used to locate an unmarked Rhino and is the platform from which the Vet darts the Rhino. The helicopter is also used in guiding the animal to suitable working areas and away from danger.

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